...to the Age of Myst. This is one way to celebrate this incredible CYAN creation. A creation of Worlds. But this is also a waiting for Atrus to call the Explorers of Myst back. Back to RIVEN.

Welcome my friends. My name is Telanis and I am D'ni. We are a proud people with many things that would mystify you people from above. We carry many secrets that you never will know, but we are a dying race. Since the treachery that almost killed all of us, I, and some friends have been hidden. Hidden in some of the Ages. Books placed in special chambers, hidden chambers, where we are safe.
But now I have decided to step out of the shadows and see what has happened to my
beloved D'ni. The sight terrifies me, but with help, me and others, have started the rebuilding of our once so proud civilization.
We are D'ni and we are proud...

This place tries to collect as much information about the D'ni language as possible. CYAN don't want to give to much up, but there are still things to study, like Aitrus map from the Book of Ti'ana. Many of the D'ni texts have been translated to english. I won't tell you how to speak, but how to find the information yourself, learn by yourself. CYAN don't want too much info to spread and I understand and respect that. But I can always give you a friendly push in the right direction.
But don't worry. You too can learn about the D'ni, if you just put your mind to it. And I'm here to help you in the right direction. And perhaps, you might teach me something. Link to D'ni for more information.

There is also information about Riven, the sequel to Myst and the final Myst-game. Hopefully we can all look forward to the release before Christmas. Just link to find out more.



 I am sorry to say that my old and very dear friend, Aitrus, is now dead, but he left a son to go on in his footsteps, Gehn. And after some time even Gehn got a son, Atrus, with the blood of D'ni in his body. Atrus learned so much during the time together with his father, but for reasons I do not know, they both fought at Gehns fifth age. Atrus dissapered and Gehn became trapped. I know no more since then...

Riven, the sequel to Myst will come to us this fall. Latest information about the size of it says that it will be on five CD:s. It's much larger than Myst. More puzzles and a more detailed plot will make it much greater than Myst ever was. Cyan promised more interaction with other people, but the basic Myst-look of the game will still be there. At Cyan a person under the name SPYDER keeps the interested Myst-fans updated, mostly with little teasers like blurry pictures and bad photos. It's fun though to read what he has to say, cause the guy actually has humour. And the more serious fan-site is Riven.com, oh..and of course, The Riven Journals.



 The first thing I did after my return was to watch how my beloved home on K'veer looked like. I am sad to say that half of my building was destroyed, several of my books also gone in the wreckage. The stone had split and coroded from the disgusting substance that covered the complete cavern. Why maker, why?
But, with sadness and joy, I now stand here, watching the magnificence of the architecture of all the buildings in D'ni.

The D'ni alphabet consists of 24 distinct characters, but the total number of different characters are 35. It has other pronunciations than the english . Sounds like "ai", "kh", "ah" and "oy" are not rare.

I have identified 33 of the characters. Cyan don't give much info about this, and specially not anything about the numeral system of the D'ni. So I had to figure that out by my self.
They don't want to release any information until Riven turns up. I've heard rumours about releasing the D'ni language in some form after Riven. Might be a book, which I think is the most possible.

Another thing that is typical in the D'ni language is that many of the smaller words, like "by", "the" and "to", are not alone, but put together with the larger word, like a noun or a verb. Many smaller words can be put together with the main-word at the same time.
Example of this is the D'ni lexicon called "re'hevkor". "reh" means "the" and "hevkor" means "lexicon" (or rather, something close to that meaning).


"it was the time of the 12th bell, the sound echoed
in the cavern of D'ni"

"The lost letters of D'ni, who are they? New ones appear for each day time swallows."





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