So, you want to join The Circle


These pages are currently undergoing some heavy changes...
The Circle is being re-structured to fit into the new view of D'ni, Riven and Myst. Since so much have changed the past months, we feel that the Circle can't function in it's current way. It will be changed into a link between all the Guilds, and I, Telanis will not manage it by myself. There will be Guildmasters in the different Guilds, maintaining and looking after each Guild's interests. All of these small "circles" will be joined in one community, The Circle of D'ni.

My main idea is to share the responsibility of updates and memberlists with a Member of the Archivists, so that I,
a simple Linguist, can use my time for my true burden of work.

I will let you know of the progress in these changes during the next few weeks, and we hope to be back shortly.
I will probably have to send out a mail to everyone who have sent me Forms this past month, and to those already in the Circle, to ask about their current position and to see what responsibility they want to take upon themselves.

I hope that the closest group of Guildmasters will support me with this, and give me feedback and ideas.


Thanks you, and

Guildmaster Telanis, Keeper of the Circle