A place to be

On Sturko in the eastern Blekinge archipelago Margaretha and I have found our paradise. From our summer house some 15 minutes' walk from the Baltic we can explore the beaches and forests of the island, the name of which popularly is supposed to be derived from the birdnamn stork. Research into place names show though that the name comes from the swedish word "stor" which means "big". Sturko ones was spelled Storko, the big island. And that makes sense as Sturko is the biggest island in the Blekinge archipelago.

There are no storks on Sturko though but lots of other birds. Sturko is actually an excellent site for birding, close as it is to the ringing stations of Ottenby and Utklippan.

To get a chance to watch some species more closely I have mounted a number of nest boxes in trees surrounding the summer house. This year (1998) three nest boxes were occupied by great tits, two by blue tits, one by flycatchers and one by redstarts.

Marsh tit (Parus palustris)