Program date 1999-01-16, version 1.3. Documentation date 1999-01-16.


-What is it?-

Z88serve is a 32-bit program which runs under win 95 or nt, and acts as a file server for the Cambridge Z88 notebook computer. The program allows the Z88 to upload, download, erase, rename, and list any file on any mapped device or catalog, with minimum impact on the host system. The Z88 essentially becomes an operatorís console into the host pc.

-How is it used?-

The Z88 is connected to the host pcís com1, 2, 3, or 4 serial port via a serial cable and null modem. Z88serve is started on the pc and run minimized, and all further control is via the Z88 terminal program, or import-export program. The user can issue chdev, chdir, cls, dir, delete, download, list, rename, upload, or quit commands. Download and upload transform long pc filenames to Z88 compatible filenames and use the import-export program on the pc to receive or send files. The delete command has a twin, erase, and the quit command has a twin, halt, to suit individual usage style. The startup host directory and the pcís com port settings are set by Z88serve.ini in the hostís windows directory.

-Is this a new program?-

Yes and no. The predecessor was written in 1988, in GWbasic, and has run without problems ever since. Version 16 came in 1995, version 17 in 1998. The 32-bit version is written in Delphi and has been operating under windows 95 and nt every day since the beginning of August 1998. The old program was retired in late August since the new version has proven to be reliable.

-What are the legal requirements by which Z88serve can be used?-

The program author and copyright holder is Richard Eby, who lives deep in the green forests of Halland county, Sweden, but has a postal address in Vessigebro, Sweden. Richardís e-mail addresses are: richard.eby@swipnet.se and richard.eby@altavista.net. His web site includes information on Z88serve and is located at . The program author reserves all copyright rights, but allows Z88serve to be freely redistributed and used without payment, under the condition that no payment is ever required to receive Z88serve - whether via net, bbs (there arenít many of them left, anymore), cd-rom, diskette, or other media. This means that nobody is allowed to include Z88serve on a distribution medium for which payment is required. One other requirement: every distribution must include the z88serve.exe file, z88serve.ini file, and z88serve.txt (this) file - unchanged by anyone except Richard.

-Unpleasant legal notice-

Use this program at your own risk. Richard shall not be held responsible for any ungood things that happen in, on, or around your computing equipment. If anything goes wrong, blame it on sunspots.

-How to install?-

1. Unzip the three files.

2. Move z88serve.exe to a nice directory.

3. Move z88serve.ini to the directory unders windows where other ini-files are located.

4. Change, in the ini-file, (a) under General, the Initialdirectory value to your desired startup directory, (b) under Comport, Port, Speed, Parity, and Bits to your desired settings. On my nt and 95 systems, only 2400/N/8 work reliably.

5. Connect the Z88 to the host via a serial cable and null modem.

6. Set the Z88 to the same settings as the pc (of course).

7. Start the terminal program in the Z88.

8. Start Z88serve on the host.

-How to use?-

Commands can be typed in upper, lower, or mixed case. Those commands that act upon filenames must have the filename(s) entered on the same line as the command.

CHDIR pathstring - changes the current directory to any legal path on the host.

examples: chdir c:\program files\arachnophilia

chdir a:\temp

(thatís right, chdir can also change the current device.)

CHDEV deviceletter: - changes the current device; the colon is optional.

CLS - clears the Z88 screen.

COPY fromfile tofile - copies a file.

DIR - lists the contents of the current directory.

DELETE path\filename - deletes (erases) the given file.

ERASE path\filename - same as delete.

DOWNLOAD path\filename - copies the given file from the host to the Z88. You have 15 seconds to switch from terminal mode to import-export, and enter "r" (or "b") - no need to enter a local filename, Z88serve sets that automatically. If you use a wildcard asterisk then a batch download is automatically generated. Usage Note:A file with the attribute "read only" can't be downloaded; Z88serve is presented with "access denied" from Win95 and writes "file not found" to the Z88 screen. In such a case, change the file's attribute and then download.

LIST path\filename - list the contents of the given file.

UPLOAD path\filename - copies the given file from the Z88 to the host. You have no time limit to switch from terminal mode to import-export, and send the file. One file is copied per upload command.

RENAME oldfilename newfilename - renames the given file on the host.

QUIT - terminates the server program.

HALT - the same as quit.

HELP - lists the commands and their parameters.

-Convenience Notes-

Dir and List normally pause after filling each screen, whereupon you need to push Enter to receive the next screen. To trash the listing, just press Esc twice. For a continuous listing, hold Shift and press the downarrow key.

Thatís it. I hope you enjoy this program ... let me hear from you with your comments and suggestions for improvements.


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