Richard Eby

Born 1944; majored in music education at Tulsa University 1964-1967.

Worked as computer repair technician 1969-70; computer operations 1971-72; applications programming 1973; IBM systems programmer 1973-1976. Project leader 1977; systems manager 1978-79. Systems and applications consulting 1980-82. Systems and communications programmer 1982-86. International consultant 1987-1998. As of March 10, 1998, employed at a large information services company (and liking it!).

Systems programmed include IBM mainframes, Honeywell mainframes, DataGeneral minicomputers, computerized phototypesetting systems (software programming, this), and pc's.

Programming languages include 3 different assemblers, Cobol, CICS, PL/I, Fortran, Basic, Rexx, Delphi. I may have left out one or two.

Professional consulting work done: installation of several types of network client systems, pc optimization, pc troubleshooting.

Private (non-paying) work in progress: programming for friends, webpage design.

Place of residence: deep in the green forests of Halland, Sweden.

Ex-wife: Yes.

Family: three cats, and one aunt in Oklahoma.

Languages: This one, and Swedish.


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