(These pages are preferrably watched using a SVGA graphics card running at least at 800 by 600 pixels and 256 colors) 

As you log into GENESIS-95, you will see the graphical user interface below. The screen is divided into two parts:   


Typically, only one half of the Command window is shown at a time together with the Graphic window. The small boxes indicate the type of file and the name on the dotted line next to the box shows what file is active. By clicking on a small box, in this case Nswav.dat, all files of that type are listed in a file list window below. From this list any of the files may be selected. The name of the selected file will then appear on the dotted line. GENESIS is executed by clicking on the big GENESIS95 box. 

The Graphics Window displays the contents of the selected files, such as shorelines, beach fills, or structures. In the case below, e.g., the Start file ST1 and the Shorl file SH2 are setected and displayed. 



In the case below, another Start file ST2 and Shorl file SH1 are setected and displayed. Thus, the graph in the Graphics Window is changed accordingly. 



By clicking on the Open box next to the file list window, that particular file may be edited. For shorelines, depths, and waves, the editor is a regular ASCII editor. For the Start file, a special Start File Wizard has been developed. As the editor or wizard is exited, the Graphic Window is updated. 

Below follows a series of windows that you will go through as you enter the Start File Wizard. First, fill in the general setup info (Section A in START.DAT).