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Poster from the second Mick Ronson Memorial concert on Saturday 9th of August 1997
The first concert which was held in 1994 was recorded and is available on CD from Citadel Records.


Report from
The Official opening of
The Mick Ronson Memorial covered stage
Sunday 10th August 1997

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Sunday 10th August must have been the hottest day of last year! My daughter then aged 11 years, and I arrived in Hull at around 11.00 am. We quickly found the huge stage and placed ourselves right at the front so that we would have a good view when the ceremony and concert began. By noon the sun was blazing down and I was feeling some concern for my daughter, but she is as dedicated to rock music as I am and she assured me she was fine, and could cope.
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Japan's top band, The Yellow Monkey played a large part in the actual ceremony. Apparently it was their love of Mick Ronson's music that inspired them, and they have tirelessly campaigned for the Mick Ronson fund and the associated charities - The Lennox Children's cancer fund, and The MacMillan Nurses. They brought with them from Japan 600 members of their fan club! It was obviously a very special day. The band seemed well known of Mick's family and were present on the stage as the Lord Mayor of Hull and council officials accepted the stage on behalf of the City of Hull. Mick's mum, Minnie and sister, Maggie made short speaches. They both appeared very nervous and obviously found it difficult to hide their emotion. As the ceremonials came to a close The Yellow Monkey presented Minnie and Maggie with huge bouquets of flowers.

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The stage itself is set at one end of The Queen's Gardens. (Mick used to cut the grass there when he was employed by Hull City Council.) From our position at the front we could see over and behind the stage where the guest artists were mingling with officials and the Ronson clan.


The concert began. Several local (to Hull) bands played. The style of music vried greatly, and I confess to finding most of it quite boring. A David Bowie lookalike/soundalike performed "Rebel Rebel" and was really good.
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The heat became unbearable during the afternoon and we were thankfull when the security staff turned on hose pipes and sprayed the crowd with water. Thaey had been passing drinks of water around for most of the day, but I think the spray saved many of us from fainting or catching heatstroke.

The music improved as the day progressed. Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols, Rich Kids) and his band performed brilliantly, as did The Wildhearts, B.A.D. with Mick Jones (The Clash), Bill Nelson (Be Bop Deluxe) and of course The Rats. The Yellow Monkey played a fairly long spot, featuring many Ronson songs and one of their own. Their fans went wild, surging forwards and crashing Leanne and I against the barrier! We ducked down so as not to block their view, after all they had travelled a long way. Maggie Ronson joined the band to sing "Love Me Tender". That was one of the most moving moments of the day.

From time to time Leanne and I took turns to have a stroll around and stretch our legs. To the right of the stage there was an area cordoned off by just a low barrier where the artists were congregating and chatting freely with anyone who approached them. It was such a relaxed atmosphere, everyone was in good spirits. There I met Mick's mum, Minnie, Woody Woodmansey, who was great; a really funny guy and Phil Collen. I had no pen or paper on me so I didn't get Woody's autograph, but I did borrow a pen for Phil to sign my vest. He also posed for a photo for me.
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At 6.15 pm The Spiders fom Mars took the stage with Joe Elliot and Phil Collen. They put on a fantastic performance, "Ziggy Stardust" being a very memorable song, but sadly had t finish the show at 7.00 pm due to it being Sunday and some local by law

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To finish off Ian Hunter took over lead vocals as nearly all the cast joined in to sing "All The Young Dudes". It seemed like the whole audience was singing along too - a fitting finale and a great atmosphere.

reported by
Kath Vicary


Adrian Perkins has got a report both from the concert on the 9th of august and the event on the 10th.


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