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Born 1964
Started playing Guitar when I was 12 years old.
I am the owner of 2 Gibson Les Paul Custom.
The favourite is a Black Beauty -68.
The other one is Cream-white and also a -68.
The first time I heard Mick Ronson was in 1975 when I borrowed Aladdin Sane
from my uncle. It caught me immediately... 
By the way...It's me sitting holding my Black Beauty on the picture above.
Click on me to find out what I used to look like a few years ago.


The Disgust 1979-1981
Catch 22 1981-1982
Protectors 1982-1985
Djangos Coming 1985-1987
Bombi Bitt 1987-


Protectors Come Back Baby/Depression Time 7"
Protectors Teenarama Twist LP
Protectors TCP - Rock Sampler LP (3 songs)
Djangos Coming Take it to the streets/We are the light/Heartache Maxi-single
Bombi Bitt Speak softly love/Look what they've done 7"
Bombi Bitt Wine Coloured Days CD/LP
Bombi Bitt Under your skin/Dancin' (on fire) 7"



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