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1) Indian Summer
2) Tinker Street
3) Satellite 1
4) (Car Radio Scene) Get On With It
5) Midnight Love
6) Blue Velvet Skirt
7) China
8) Ballad Of Jack Daniels
9) Satellite 2
10)Plane To England
11)Blue Velvet Skirt (reprise)
12)I'd Give Anything To See You



The tapes discovered during the 'Just Like This' album were found to be
linked to a project simply called 'film'. Diving in amongst further paperwork etc
the remnants of an aborted Film soundtrack album emerged and  NMC  put the
pieces together over a period of just over a year.
All the material was recorded around 1981 at either Bearsville or Mick's
home. Some songs were used elsewhere ie Midnight love ended up on Heaven and
The title track was in fact due to go on Heaven & Hull. A re-recorded
version of China remained a short back & sides out-take.

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