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Don't Look Down ( M. Ronson / C. Allen)
Like A Rolling Stone (B. Dylan)
When The World Falls Down (S. Morris / M. Ronson)
Trouble With Me (S. Morris / M. Ronson)
Life's A River (M. Ronson / S. Morris)
You And Me (S. Ronson)
Colour Me (M. Ronson / S. Morris)
Take A Long Line (Jones/Jones/Neeson)
Midnight Love (Moroder)
All The Young Dudes (Bowie)


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Don't Look Down
Mick Ronson: Guitar, Vocals
Joe Elliot: Vocals
Peter Noone: Bass
Martin Chambers: Drums
Produced by Mick Ronson and Sham Morris
Engineered by KK
Mixed by Joe Elliott, Peter Denenberg and Frankie La Rocka

Like A Rolling Stone
David Bowie: Vocals
Mick Ronson: Guitar
Keith Scott: Guitar
Rene Wurst: Bass
John Webster: Keyboards
Mick Curry: Drums
Produced by Bruce Fairbairn
Re-recording produced by Mick Ronson
Engineered by Erwin Musper
Mixed by Bob Rock

Not finished yet..................


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The Bridge - Sham Morris

During the making of "Heaven and Hull" (working title "To Hull And Back"). I asked Mick to visualize a characteristic from his home town of Hull. His first thought was the Humber Bridge. The Bridge became very symbolic for those of us working on the album and it was his wish to incorporate it in the artwork.
Mick has crossed the Bridge now and left us this swan song.

- Sham Morris -


borohh.gif (6959 bytes) Bowie and Ronson finally had their reunion. Last time they were together in a recording studio was during the making of Bowie's "PINUPS" back in 1974. In 1993 Ronson played guitar on Bowie's album "Black Tie White Noise" and Bowie helped Mick with the lead vocals on the old Rollin Thunder favourite, Dylan's Like A Rollin' Stone which is very much like the songs they covered on "PINUPS".


mick73hh.gif (12806 bytes) sumihh.gif (8843 bytes) Suzi Ronson, Mick's wife wrote this credit list for the album "Heaven and Hull":

Special thanks to Joe Elliot who really was the man that arrived at the right moment, pulled everything together and made it all work. Can't thank you enough, Joe.

To Ian Hunter, lifelong friend who's always been there for Mick, and who loved him like a brother.

To his family who united and fought as best as we could; how we hated loosing him.

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mickstud.gif (17490 bytes) To the artists and musicians who performed on this album, including David Bowie, John Mellencamp, Chrissie Hynde, Queen and Sham Morris.

To thoose people who knew and respected Mick as a gifted musician and much more than that, a gifted person. To all his friends both sides of the Atlantic, from London to Woodstock -you know who you are- you helped Mick on his way.

Special thanks must also go to Tony Martell, Sam Lederman and Steve Popovich for

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believing in Mick, Sham Morris for helping to inspire him, Richard Griffiths who really got behind this project and Frankie La Rocka who gave it a spark.

And from me and Lisa, darling, we miss you so much - such a wonderful man and  one hell of an edgy guitar player.
Wish you were here.
All my love

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