Mick Ronson

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In the -60's and the 70's

Gibson Les Paul Custom -68
(Black Beauty)

Mick had the paint removed by one of Michael Chapmans roadies during the recording of "Fully Qualifiied Survivor" Mick thought that would make the guitar even more "edgy" than it allready was.Sometime in the 80's he gave this guitar to Hard Rock Cafe in Australia. I've also heard that fe gave the guitar away to a fan. The neck had broken so many times that it was unrepairable.

Another rumour about Ronnos Black Beauty says taht the body of the guitar had a steel plate inside. This should be the main reason to his sustained and personal sound. I don't know whats right or wrong but I've never read that Mick has confirmed the "steel plate rumour" and I think that the "Cry Baby Pedal" was the main influence to the sound.

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Marshall Major
"The Pig"

It was actually Mick who named this "amp". He used to call it "The Pig". It's a Marshall Major,  200 watt. Mick used to do all recordings during the Spiders period with thePig connected to an angled 4x12" Marshall cabinet.

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The Cry-Baby

Mick used to plug his Les Paul straight into the Pig with only a Cry-Baby between the Guitar and the Amp. Mick pulled all the controls on the amp to maximum and then he pushed the pedal to a level where he liked the sound. Then he just played. Mick used the pedal as a mid-range booster. Actually it was the Cry-Baby that made that special Ronno sound. Sometimes he even used it as a wah wah pedal. You can hear that on "Moonage Daydream" or "The Width of a circle" (Ziggy....live)  

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Vox Tone Bender

Mick used this FUZZ-Box especially during the Spiders era. I'm investigating what pedal he used later on.Maybe it was thw same . I'm not sure.


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Music Man Amp

During the Recording of "Schizophrenic" Mick used a Music Man amplifier. He also used this amp during the following tour which resulted in the recording of Welcome to the club


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In the -80's and 90's


Fender Telecaster

Sometimes in the 80's Mick gave his Les Paul away to Hard Rock cafe in Australia.

He then started to prefer the Telecaster.
I asked Mick why when  I met him in -89. "It's because I play a lot of stuff with the fingers without a pick. It's much easier on a Telecaster. But when I play bottleneck  I prefer a Les Paul or some other Guitar with heavy sustain." The wholeYUI-Orta album is recorded with a Fender Telecaster except for a few parts (the slide parts) where Mick uses a Les Paul.


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Mesa Boogie

In the late 80's Mick used to play on a Mesa Boogie head connected to a Marshall cabinet. The only effects he used was his Cry-Baby, Chorus and some kind of tube-dist or overdrive.

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There are a few more guitars,amps and pedals that I know Mick did use during some periods of his career. The above listed are anyway those he used on most of his recordings.



Mick used this guitar on the tour in 1989 for the songs where he played slide-guitar.
I think he alterde between a Les Paul and the Tomasio


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Gibson Acoustic....

When Mick did the acoustic parts on the Bowie records, he used a Gibson ..... 



Used as bottleneck!!!!!!!

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Be patient folks there is more to come. If you know something that I don't know about Mick's equipment, please send me a note!!!!!!!!

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