Engelska blondiner 11-20


- What's the difference between butter and a blonde?
- Butter is difficult to spread...

- Why did the blonde try to steal a police car?
- She saw 911 and thought it was a Porsche...

- What's the difference between a blonde and a roaster?
- In the morning a rooster says, "Cock'll-doodl-dooo", while a blonde says, "Any-cock'll-dooo".

- Why did the blonde take her typewriter to the doctor?
- It missed a period, so she thought it was pregnant...

- Why was the blonde upset when she got her Driver's License?
- Because she got an F in sex...

- What does the Bermuda Triangle and blondes have in common?
- They've both swallowed a lot of semen...

- Why did the blonde tip-toe past the medicine cabinet?
- So she wouldn't wake up the sleeping pills...

- Why shouldn't blondes drive faster than 68?
- Because at 69 they blow a rod...

- What happened to the blonde tap dancer?
- She slipped and fell down the drain.

- What do a blonde and a halogen headlamp have in common?
- The both get screwed on the front of a Ford...

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