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Guns N' Roses - Reviews
Charlotte, NC, Coliseum (Jun. 23th 1991)
The Forum, Copenhagen, Denmark. (Aug. 19th 1991)
Columbia, SC, Williams-Brice Stadium, (Aug. 2nd 1992)
Caracas, Venezuela (Nov. 25th 1992)
GN'R -Calder Park Thunderdome, Melbourne, Australia (1993-02-01)
Boston Garden, MA (1993-03-17)
Olympic Stadium of Athens, Greece (1993-05-24)
Istanbul (1993-05-26)
Valle Hovin, Oslo, Norway (1993-06-10)
The DEAN Dome @ the university of NC (1993?)
House Of Blues, Las Vegas, USA (New Years Eve) 2000-12-31
GN'R side projects - Reviews
Slash's Snakepit at the Palace in Hollywood, Ca. in 1995
Slash's Snakepit at the House Of Blues in Orlando, Florida (1999-05-02)
Neurotic Outsiders at the Ventura Theater, Ca. in 1996
Slash's Bluesball at the House of Blues in Hollywood, Ca. 1997
Gilby Clarke Concert (Nov. 1st 1998) 
Gilby Clarke Concert (Nov. 14th 1998) 

GN'R -the Forum, Copenhagen, Denmark (910819)

From: "From C." (Thu, 14 May 98 15:26:04)

The show in question is one of the greatest ever live performances by Guns N` Roses on their 4 year world tour. I`ve seen them live 2 times, and know many others who have followed them like me; and when all is said and done, the live shows was always the "cutting edge".

This show was after St. Louis, after 2 soldout megashows in Stockholm, before the Illusion albums, when the band were at their most mythical : Would they last? Was Axl okay? Would a riot ensue? Would Slash be sober? What about the sound?

Everybody and their mother had goose bumps that night. The Forum was completely sold out. Tickets were going for 4000,00 Dk kr. (around $571), and people had made campfires outside. The whole media was there, and it was a frenzy. Germans, Norwegiens and Swedes flocked the streets with cans of beers, among thousands of Danes, anxious to see this "thing". The band living on the edge. Right here, right now.

And who would have thought that little Denmark (Forum, 6000 capacity) would turn everybodys heads?

A happy and playful Axl Rose ran onstage to thundering ovation, as the band kicked into Nighttrain. The crowd went completely mad, stomping and screaming. Followed as always by Mr Brownstone, Axl smiled before he spoke : "Whoa, feel like I`m in Texas". Izzy took the rails for Dust N` Bones and the rambling kick-ass beat stuck with us all night.

Axl seemed to have a cut electrified wire in his white bicycle shorts, and gave it all out. Slash amazed everyone with his bluesy, curly licks and while Sorum pounded away, McKagan dished out the bass lines. This was one tight band. Goddamn. And it sounded so alive, so real, so "now". No set list (Axl : "We do Michelle? No? Ok, Jungle")

Then it happened. Under Sweet Child, the crowd got a little too into it. Some bumf**k threw a firecracker towards Rose, and it ignited a few yards from him. On my tape it sounds like a Scud missile going off.

"You wanna play games like that, we`ll go home, it`s not a problem", Rose sputted while the song continued. Then, as he probably saw no security did anything, he halted the show : "Stop, stop, stop…*the band stopped playing gradually*…I didn`t come here for anyone in my band to get hurt or for any people in the crowd to get hurt, because somebody wants to be an asshole. *Pause* (Rose talks to Stradlin). In fact, we are gonna leave for a bit, untill you find the guy". And off they went.

Now, how they avoided a riot I do not know. The crowd went ballistic. Poor guy who did it. After 15 minutes or so, the band returned to chants of "Kick him out!, kick him out!, kick him out!" from a roaring crowd, ready to go off. But nobody could find the guy in question.

Rose looked pleased : "Some sorry guy turned himself in, although he didn`t do it. Nice move. But do me a favor? If you see somebody acting like that, everybody around him, kick his f**kin ass, would you?" - to deafening cheers the band kicked in to Sweet Child where they left off.

It was mindblowing. Total trip.

The show went on, and the crowd went even more crazy. During Heavens Door, the band funked it out and Axl tiptoed around like a ballerina, all shit-eating grin. The crowd began to chant "knock, knock, knock", and Rose, taken aback by this, laughed "Oh yeah, but you gotta wait for me".

Finally, last encore, Rose came out and stood on his Telecaster. I`ll never forget that look on his face. He looked so pleased, so happy, so relieved. The band had overcome (for once) trouble without everything going out of hand and making headlines, but more importantly brought back the "feel" to rock n` roll in the flesh, on the stage in it`s purest form. He knew, as we knew, that they were homefree, having won over both critics and fans. As he stood there the crowd silenced, and all one could hear, was one`s own sweat dripping on the ground. Sighs went out all over the Forum. He smiled, as he spoke to his lead guitarist; "Slash?...take us on home, buddy". And Paradise City began. Good f**kin night. Amen.


GN'R -Caracas, Venezuela (1992-11-25)

From: (Wed, 14 Apr 99 20:25PM MDT)

It was 12:00 noon and I was on the line waiting, i could see everything from a guy dressed like Axl, to someone dressed like Slash, while wating everyone was having fun, all of a sudden a white limousine, first i though it was "El conde del guacharo" (A well known comedian in Venezula that was opening for Guns N' Roses that night) that any of wanted to see at that moment since we all were thinking about GNR, but all of the sudden a window came down and there he was! Duff!, Who started to insult us with his famous "FUCK OFF"....

Then at 4:00pm the first door opened which they were schedule to open at 2:00pm. At 4:05 we started to go in, then the second door oppened, there they checked our tickets, and finally at 4:30 we got to the last door, where they checked our bags for safety. Then we had to run all the way to the stage that we even couldn't see from were I was, so I had to run all the way until I saw the two UYI flags,(by then i was SOO tired!) blue on the right, yellow on the left, we sat down basicly in front of the stage, we waited and waited, 4 hours when by, and the concert that was schedule at 9 was soon to start!, while waiting we could see Axl riding a bike backstage.

At 8:45 "El conde del Guacharo" started the show with his jokes, thank god he lasted only 45mins threating us saying "if you don't like my jokes, i'm gonna tell Axl not play tonight!" At 10:45 the lights went off and that's when a fat guy came on stage (who know's where he came from) and screamed "Hey Venezuela, update if you can, from Hollywood, Guns N' Roses!!"-- Lights when on, and there they were, i could hear the chords from "Nightrain" Axl, Slash, and Duff were on stage, "Mr Browstone" was next, we all started dancing like crazy, "I really like to stay up here"Axl said, then a great illumination show started to give entrace to "Live and Let Die""Double talkin' Jive", Axl came out with his army jacket and "Civil war" was on, we could see the Venezuelan, American and USSR flag on the back, something that'll never calm the crowd "Wild Horses" follewed and then "Patience" "Bad Obsession" "Welcome to the Jungle", Axl came out with his Jesus shirt and with bike shorts singing "Yesterday", from the floor came the piano where i supposed "November Rain" was comming up next, Then Matt gave a great intro (Drum Solo) to "You Could be mine", Then it was Slash's time, "The Godfather" and a long blues to give intro to "Sweet Child o' mine""Knocking On Heaven's Door"... "Hello Venezuela, you are very receptive..." Salsh said..."Paradise City" ended the show, at 2:00am I was able to get out of the stadium and drive back home safetly.


Note: Some of this review is not accurate, some things like the intro were not the real intro, I just wrote the best I could.


GN'R -Calder Park Thunderdome, Melbourne, Australia (1993-02-01)

From: "Luke Rizzo" (Fri, 16 Jul 99 23:04PM MDT )

Australia was one of the final legs of their huge world tour. I was geared up for this event for weeks. I managed to save enough to by second row tickets for the show. The gates opened at the huge stadium at around 3:00pm. First band on was Pearls and Swine, we booed them off. Next was legends Rose Tattoo they rocked. Then the rain pissed down on us, I got fucking soaked and there was huge mud slides down the side embankments, and all the crazy fucks slid down and got kicked out. Then the sun went down and it got hot when Skid Row came on. Sebastian Bach said it was hotter than a hookers cunt on a Friday night, everyone went nuts. He then said that Gunners were on the freeway and would be here in 10 minutes. Anyway that turned into an hour and at about 9:15 pm, we heard that funny train whistle, and some guy screaming, "Here all you fuckers, Guns N' Fuckin' Roses" The 100,000 strong crowd went fucking bananas, I've never heard anything like it. Nightrain was first, then straight in to Double Talkin Jive. Then Axl spoke. He said it was the biggest crowd that they've seen at one of their concerts, no shit there were people fucking everywhere. The show went on, Civil War, Yesterdays, Live and Let Die, Sweet Child, Estranged, Coma, Mr Brownstone, Patience, Matt's Solo (he threw his drum sticks out and I fuckin' missed one right over my head) then Slash with the Godfather etc. They then said goodnight after Rocket Queen I think! But we knew it wasn't over. The huge T.V screens at the top of the stage spelt out GET IN THE RING!! We went nuts. Then about five seconds later you hear Slash's famous opening ballad to the song. Then when it starts to rock, Axl comes storming out with boxing gloves, and a dressing gown. He threw the personally signed gloves and the guy a couple of rows behind me got em'. After that the grand piano came out of the floor, and it was November Rain time. Axl then asked if we had enough and we all said no of course. The show was already 2 and a half hours long. You could be Mine was next then another goodnight. Then Axl came back out and said I want some pretty women up on stage. He got about six or so, then it was Paradise City (with extended solo by Slash who was running up and down in and out without missing a note) This time it was goodnight, and Axl said they'd definately come back here. I hope they do regardless of who's in the band as long as my man AXL is there. And to top the night off I lost my car for 2 hours in the car park, waited another hour in traffic, and got home and put my GN'R live CD on and rocked again!!!!!!!!!!!!


GN'R -Boston Garden, MA (1993-03-17)

From: "shoeman" (Sat, 04 Jul 1998 13:43:58)

I've seen GNR four times total. My favorite time was at the old Boston Garden on St. Patrick's Day. The show started great and everything seemed cool. Then, someone thought it would be a good idea to throw a bottle at Mr. Rose. In the middle of Brownstone the band stopped, Axl said goodnight, and the houselights came on. I thought for sure there was going to be another St. Louis episode. Soon Axl comes waliking out and sits on the front of the stage. He proceeds to lecture the crowd that throwing objects at the band is not a good idea and that if it happens again the show is over. After about ten minutes of ranting, the boys finally start back up and rocked harder than any other time I had seen them before. One other memorable experience, was when Slash had his snakepit project. I was interning at radio station WAAF in Boston on the Liz Wilde show. He came in with his singer and I viewed an up close acoustical performance by the guitar master himself. Being a huge fan, that was a thrill. Mr. Hudson was however slightly moody which did turn me off a bit. I did get a picture with him and an autograph but he wasnt the friendliest guy i've ever met. But we can let that slide based on the fine licks he has given us.

Dave Schumacher
WXGL-FM 95.5


Olympic Stadium of Athens, Greece (1993-05-24)


The support group was the Brian May's group.they kicked off at 7:00 pm with "show must go on"!!! the crowd was almost 20.000! at this time!! Brian said that he is sorry because the QUEEN have never visited Greece before!! at the end of his set he said "i'm sure that Freddie would love to play this song for you!" and they started "we will rock u!" At 10:00 GnR were on stage with "nightrain".55.000 fans were there too! When Axl showed up on stage the crowd went crazy.. After five songs (Mr brownstone, live and let die, it's so easy , attitude,welcome to the jungle) the greek fans showed their passion for GnR. Axl stopped for a minute and tried to calm down the fans..He was smiling all the time...having a surprised face..then "double talkin jive" , "you 're crazy" , "used to love her" , "aint the first" continued the show.."patience" with "imagine" made the crowd cover axl's voice singing the song..when axl asked for help on singing "knockin on heaven's door" the fans went crazy!! "november rain" followed and the athens sky filled with melody... when axl took his quitar for "dead horse" the crowd went crazy again!! he played the first chords of "dead horse" at least 10 times!!! then axl introduced the band...when the fans heard the name izzy they started to yell his name for ten minutes..."you could be mine" followed and the venue was an up-and-down dance for everyone... Slash played "the godfather" and then a outstanding solo .."sweet child o mine" followed and 50.000 voices were singing "she got a smile....." ...the encore was "paradise city" the time axl was saying "goodnight athens" everybody was exhausted... As axl said the next day, he was surprised cause he thought that greeks dont know english so well!!! but he found out that the fans were singing every single lyric of every song!!! i think it was a unique concert!!!


GN'R in Istanbul (1993-05-26)

From: Volkan ESER (Sun, 29 Mar 1998 21:47:33)

It was 26th of May 1993 in Istanbul, Brian May band was on the stage before GNR, at 8 PM the BMB finished their show, and we started to wait GNR.. At 9.45 PM we heard a fuckin' bass rhtym of "It's so easy..."wow, damned that was cool, i couldn't believe that axl, slah, duff are on the stage in front of me... After 4 songs, in the middle of Patience Axl stopped the show and said:" If you don't stop throwing lits on eachother, the band will be forced to stop the show, and leave the stage".. of course they did not... At 23.15 they finished their show, and gone???no, a bis with Paradise city, and Don't Cry.... Also Izzy was playing in Istanbul, because gilby has broken his arm, while he was skating... damned was really cool...


GN'R -Valle Hovin, Oslo, Norway (1993-06-10)

From: "Lise Gro Ekholdt" (Sat, 27 Jun 1998 19:52:30)

35,000 people was gathered on a beautiful sunny day in Norways capital Oslo. The show kicked off with Suicidal Tendencies who kicked some serious ass, and made a great support act. After a long waiting period GN`R finnaly entered the stage, and the crow went nuts. They kicked off with It's So Easy and from there they played all off their greatest hits (exept Don't Cry and Civil War). Axl made one big mistake and said: "Good evening Sweden", but he apologized afterwards. 2 hours later everyone on the show went home happy after hearing these songs:

It's So Easy
Mr. Brownstone
Live And Let Die
Welcome To The Jungle
Double Talkin' Jive
Used To Love Her
You Ain't The First
You're Crazy
November Rain
Drum/Guitar solo
You could be mine
Knocking On Heavens Door
Sweet Child O` Mine
Paradise City

I know I'm forgetting a couple of songs but get off my back it's 5 years ago. So get off my back!! :)



3 GN'R Concerts: Charlotte, NC, Coliseum (Jun. 23th 1991), Columbia, SC, Williams-Brice Stadium, (Aug. 2nd 1992), The DEAN Dome @ the university of NC (1993?)

From: (11 Oct 1998 06:53:23 GMT)

I saw GnR in Char,Nc before the release of the new albums. The concert was pretty good. Skid Row opended the show and they really rocked. The Guns were hard to get into because everything was new.

The next time I saw them was about a year or so later playing with Metallica in Columbia South Carolina. Metallica rocked GnR was good!!!!

Then I saw them in The DEAN Dome @ the university of NC. This was the skin and bones tour. They stripped down all the the back up singers and other bullshit. They tore it up .It was the greatest three hours of music ever!!! The played hard stuff all night long. Then they played about a half and hour of the aucostic,which was great! Then straight back to the hard stuff.

It was the best show I ever saw. The should always keep it Skin and Bones and forget the big production Bullshit!!!


GN'R - House Of Blues, Las Vegas, USA (Dec. 31st 2000)

From: Jan the Man

I live in Las Vegas, and I saw GN'R last night. It was a fucking awsome show! Of course, in typical GN'R fashion, they went on 2 1/2 hours late. But it was worth the wait. The new band sounds pretty good. Robin Finck looked like a little faggot though, wearing white makeup and some sort of Power Rangers outfit. They played all of "Appetite" except for You're Crazyand Anything Goes. I was really surprised to hear them play Think About You. They played what Axl called a "reworked" version of Knockin' On Heaven's Door, which I wasn't crazy about, and Axl didn't have the crowd sing alongwith him on it. They also played November Rain, Live and Let Die, Patience,and Oh My God. There were also four new songs, and I know that one of them was called Chinese Democracy. I don't know about the new songs, but I need to have them so I can listen to them more before I get into them. Overall, the show kicked ass. It's the best show I've seen since '93, and it was akick ass New Years. They also were selling new T-Shirts. I got one that says, "Chinese Democracy Starts Now" on the back of it. Anyway, the good news is that it looks like the band is finally getting it's act together, so we should have a new album soon....

-Jan the Man


GN'R side projects reviews

Gilby Clarke Concert (Nov. 1st 1998)

From: "W.INGEMAR ANDERSON" (10 Nov 1998 22:59:33 -0600)

Here's the deal. On Halloween night (10/31) I was at the Marilyn Manson concert in St Paul Minnesota, about 50 miles away from where I live. On the way home, we drove by a bar that said: "Sunday, Nov. 1st- La Guns, Gilby Clarke, and C.C. Deville. How awesome!!!!! I'd never seen GN'R, and I'd give ANYTHING to see any part of what was. So the next night, I took off for St. Paul. Being that I'd just turned 21, I could finally get into bars. This was my 1st time. I got there WAY early. Little did I know they hadn't opened yet. I could hear music playing, so I opened this door and BAM!, I was in. I was watching the L.A.Guns soundcheck! I went to go take a piss, and some guy asked me if I worked there! I said "no". I then got booted out!! but that door was open! that was cool. I was told to come back in like 2 hrs. so when I did come back, I got in! Some opening band played for CC(he couldn't make it) and I couldn't wait for Gilby to come on. So they went off and then the wait. Then, I SAW HIM! He walked onstage and said:"Everybody stop talking, we're gonna play some music!" The place went nuts! The only thing between us was the security and a guy in a whelchair. I was about 5 feet away. Many times we made direct eye contact. It was like he was talking to me. He opened w/ a song from his new album. Later in the set, he broke into DEAD FLOWERS (WHICH AXL HELPS SING ON GILBY'S 1ST SOLO RECORD). During the middle of it, he broke into "USED TO LOVE HER" IT WAS SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!I went nuts!!! it sounded so cool!! Later in the set, he played the beginning of MY MICHELLE. Near the end of his set he said he'd played from this and that and "now it was time to play something from my past". At this time, I held up a copy of "THE SPAGHETTI INCIDENT". Gilby looked right at it! But said nothing. He played the intro to "Jungle" and then said "Ya know the guy that sings that, he sings really high"(raising his hand) Someone from the crowd shouted "He's crazy!" Gilby laughed and said "Yeah, He's crazy"(jokingly) He said 'I won't butcher that one" He then ripped into "Heavens Door". It sounded awesome! During the part where the audience sings, Gilby turned the mike stand around and we all rocked. The set ended w/ the Stones "you can't always get what you want" Gilby was the nicest guy and really knows how to rock. I'm really glad I went and thank him for being part of the best band that ever was and ever will be.

// jwx96


Gilby Clarke Concert (Nov. 14th 1998)

From: (Sat, 13 Feb 1999 16:07:22 GMT )

I had the pleasure of seeing the FIREHOUSE, L.A.GUNS, GILBY CLARKE show in Beveard county fair(nov.14th),got to hang out with Gilby all night,although the place was not packed,he treated it like it was sold out,plus at the same time make it feel personal.When people wanted to talk to him or such,he made him self very availaible....all and all he hasn't lost a thing from the ol' KILL days..........very under raited-robb


Neurotic Outsiders, "Snakepit", & Slash's Bluesball

From: ILUVDUF (Sun, 29 Mar 1998 18:37:16)

I've seen Neurotic Outsiders at the Ventura Theater, Ca. in 1996. It was a great concert, they had alot of special guests, including Billy Idol. Slash's Snakepit was a real blast at the Palace in Hollywood, Ca. in 1995, also saw Slash's Bluesball twice, once at the House of Blues in Hollywood, Ca. 1997 and at the Ventura Theater in Ventura, Ca. Both shows were just fantastic and entertaining!


Slash's Snakepit at the House Of Blues in Orlando, Florida (1999-05-02)

From: FLoridaKid (

This is Scott reporting from Orlando Florida USA... Slash's Snakepit made an appearence in Orlando at the House of Blues in Down Town Disneys West Side on May 2nd 1999. WoW is all I can say... Slash loves to get close to his fans allright... He bent down and kissed a girl in the front row then continued on to play "GNR--- Knockin' On Heavens Door"... She went crazy... Great News... I expected to hear the 12 cuts from their album Snakepit... They surprised everyone by announcing that they have a new album in recording status at the House of Blues that night and they played around 6 to 8 new songs... for the new Snakepit album...Release date is still unkown... but what they had last night was finished and really a great show... from the original Snakepit album the only song they played was Beggers and hangers on.... followed by GNR's Brownstone, and Knockin' on Heavens door... as well as a song by Slash and Lenny Kravits called "Mama Said "... This group is better than the Original Album.... the second album for Snakepit least 7 new songs maybe more I lost count... Packed house last night. More news.... Keyboardist Zig Zag Big Bag Mr. Teddy.... is now offically with Slash's Snakepit... great performance by Mr. Teddy.. Reports of him still with Guns N' Roses well lets say this there still seems to be bad vibes on this report... I think that Mr. Teddy is going to stay with Slash's Snakepit after last night.... Slash came out talking about Disney World and Mickey Mouse... They asked the crowed what this whole thing was with Mickey Mouse and Minney... Who was sleeping with who? Then followed it bymaking the remark ..."Does Mickey have a Dick" "What's with that?"... after taking a dring from someone in the crowd taking a swallow and throwing the cup back into the crowd ... Slash continued to play... NonStop Sweet and Damn good music... I think now he has passed the limits to his former days with "Guns N' Roses"... If Axl Rose is still having trouble pulling a unit together for GNR it may be because that Mr. Teddy has formed a bond with the Snakepit Crew.... Great I like Snakepit now better then GNR... I am however still waiting more news on the latest from... "Duff Mckagans new album... Beautiful Disease ".Nothing was said about that one last night... So try to dig something up for all of us Gnr fans.... thanks...

I was right at the stage and Loved all of the music last night ....the new Snakepit sounds blow the first album out of the water... The concert last night was the last one in their second album tour... that is why I believe they were recording it last night... If these videos are made availiable.... I want to know about it... The opening act was at 7PM and it was by a group known as "The Kill ".... great sound, Great Group.... 8:30PM the stage was shown to be very dark the followed by blue lights and purple lights Slash's top hat and a thin shadow on the stage was all you could see then followed by red lights and orange back drop glow... the other members performed an outstanding performance last night. Great stuff ... I can't wait for the second "Snakepit Album" to be released... Here is a title of one song on their next album..... "Ninty Nine Times".... a great song... My favorit song on the second album... the rest sound good but I missed their titles.... well Slash is not much of a talker ... when he does talk you have to listen very hard he sounds kind of drunk...seeing he drinks a bottle of Jack on stage then plays an hour or two.... Great perormance from the Snakepit crew ending with.... the lead singer (who looks a lot like " Lenny Kravits "...) Mooning the crowd...... Thank you good night............. Snakepit leaves the crowd still wanting more.... Slash comes back and they play " GNR's Night Train "... Then followed by: Original album...."back and forth again"... followed by a new song called "do you want to touch me" something like that... then thanks the crowd again and says that Disney Rocks... and leaves the building.... Snakepit rules all now!!!


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