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What does other people say about GN'R?
Various metal personalities talk about GN'R. Some of them tell us if another Guns album would rock their world.




"When we started we wanted to be the coolest, sexiest, meanest, nastiest, loudest, funnest band. There was a group of consiousness of rape, pillage,search and destroy!" Axl

"My favourite cartoon characters are Metallica and Slash". Axl

(I pretty much follow my own internal clock, and I perform better later at night. Nothing seems to work out for me until later at night. And it's our show. I don't want to make people sit around and wait... it drives me nuts. That hour-and-a-half or two-hour time period that I'm late onstage is living hell, because I'm wishing there was any way on earth I could get out where I am and knowing I'm not going to be able to make it. I'm late to everything). "I've always wanted to have it written in my will that when I die, the coffin shows up a half-hour late and says on the side, like in gold, - 'SORRY I'M LATE' ". W.Axl Rose (1992)

"Generally, if I'm late I'm suicidal"... Axl (June 1992)

"I guess I like who I am now. I'd just like to have a little more internal peace. I'm sure everybody would". Axl (April 1992)

"Well, as you can see, being a fucking psycho basket-case as me has it's advantages". Axl (October 1991)

"They (the fans) don't like when I let them know they don't own me. Sometimes I don't even own myself". Axl (April 1992)

"This tour, I just hope I don't die". Axl (June 1992)

"Wake up... time to die!" W.Axl Rose

"At times I enjoy writing and at others times I just hate it because it's definately having to go back and experience some pain and express what you really feel." W.Axl Rose

"We know we're always going to be at odds with people on something. A lot of people are afraid to be that way and we're not." W.Axl Rose

"In a world he did not create, he will go through it as if it were his own. Making: half man, half beast, I don't know what it is but it's weird and it's pissed off and calls itself Slash." W.Axl Rose

"All of suden I'm diagnosed a maniac -depressive...'Let's put Axl on medication'. Well, the medication doesn't help me deal with the stress, the only thing it does is keep people off my back." W.Axl Rose

"Aerosmith are a tradition that I grew up with. They were the only band that the people who lived in my city in Indiana would accept wearing make-up and dressed cool." W.Axl Rose

"I always believed that the truth about what is going on in Guns N' Roses lives in just as exciting and just as dangerous, heavy and real as people thought the hype scene to be." W.Axl Rose

"People talk about how wrong it was doing drugs. Maybe they were the only tools could find then..." W.Axl Rose

"I personally love our songs. The bottome line is, if this were all to finish tomorrow, then at least I've got 'em on tape. I'm not writing this for you, I'm not for anybody who listens to it. I'm doing it for me." W.Axl Rose

"We like to express our frustrations with life through our music. Instead of getting into a fight we put it into our music. That's why I like to play as much as possible, because it keeps us much calmer and we can deal with people better that way." W.Axl Rose

"We're not the easist people to work with and we've basicly got this 'screw you' atittude that gives a lot of people cause to worry. But we do know our limits. We stop if we think that we're doing is going to screw up our music." W.Axl Rose



"We ain't dead yet" Slash ('Kerrang' 1996)

"In all honesty, I think Guns N' Roses will be one of those bandsthat will be around forever!" -Slash

"We're the kind of band we liked when we were kids, defenitely a people's band" -Slash

"A bottle (of Jack Daniel's) a day for five years, that's what I was doing... you have really bad breath in the morning - you know, you can't have sex in the morning till you've brushed your teeth, which is a real ******* drag". Slash

"It was success that screwed us up". Slash

"Axl is just an other version of Ayatollah". Slash

"...It's not so much how good a player you are, it's how cool you are". Slash (1989)

"I don't think it (his guitar) is a phallic symbol. I don't think it is a symbol for anything. Basically, as far as what I use it for it's just something to hide behind, because I'm quite shy". Slash (1988)

"I've got my fucking bag full of clothes and that's everything, right? And I've got my cooler. I've got my booze in there and that's all I fucking need". Slash (Aug 1991)

"The biggest fights are between me and Axl. But that's also what makes it happen". Slash (July 1991)

"Me n' Axl are so unalike that we attract each other". Slash ('91)

"I don't do cocaine anymore. Well, only occasionally". Slash (1992)

"I wrote some cool shit when I was high". Slash (1991)

"Rock 'n' Roll is, like,get laid and fucking go out and... well, y'know"... Slash (August 1991)


"Axl, lyrically, is brilliant in my eyes. Some shit that goes through his head is like, WHOA!" Duff

"In LA it's real hard to find a wife" Duff (1992)

"A lot of money would be like instant suicide. I'm scared of the responsibility of having a lot of money". Duff (1988)

"I must say that Axl has fucking balls" Duff ('90)

"In a lot of ways Axl's the most normal guy in the band". Duff

"We're not like God or anything"... Duff (1990)

"We are not the Berlin Wall coming down. We are not Communism falling. We are not fucking civil war in Yugoslavia. We are not the Gulf war. We are just a fucking rock 'n' roll band". Duff (July 1991)

"I'd just like to say that I have a personal disgust for small dogs, like poodles. I have some serious physical problems with them. Everything about them means I must kill them. I must!" Duff (1989)


"If Axl was the nicest, quiestest guy in the world he'd never sell any records".

Gilby Clarke ('92)


Every night is a ******* party, man. Chicks, beer, you name it. Take any chick you want, man. It's like being in a candy store. Matt Sorum


Izzy Stradlin' [Back]

"Axl isn't really 24, he's a million years old... he's seen everything". Izzy (1986)

"We love to take care of women - we love to treat them great... but right now we don't have any money so we treat them like shit". Izzy Stradlin' (1986)

"We didn't have any money, but we had a lot of hangers on and girls we could bassically live off. Things were just too easy". Izzy (1987)

"We don't care if people think we have a bad attitude". Izzy (1989)

"We had to eat shit to get were we are". Izzy (1986)

"We didn't go out and look for a record contract. It came to us. We signed with Geffen because they were the coolest company". Izzy (1987)


Steve Adler  [Back]

"Loud is a way of life". S. Adler ('87)

"The image is a nonimage". Adler (1987)

"I was born a poor black child". S. Adler (1989)

"I just want to keep playing forever. I love playing, ya can't beat it. Out of all the crappy jobs I've had in my life, I appreciate it very much". S.Adler (1988)


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