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"If Axl was the nicest, quietest guy in the world he'd never sell any records"

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Gilby Clarke's 3rd solo album, "Rubber", released! (July 13th, 1998)
Axl Rose - The Only Confirmed Member Of GN'R (September 27th 1997)

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Gilby Clarke: 'Pawnshop Guitars', Hangover.



Rhythm guitarist Gilby Clarke was born in Cleveland, Ohio. He came to the world on August 17, 1962. He started to play music in early years, and didn't care that much about school- cause it sucked. Gilby used to stay up late at night for practicing with his band, so his mum told him that he had to choose between the school and the music -the answer was easy... the music!

Gilby got his start with the early 80's, LA-based pop band "Candy". The band released one album, "Whatever Happened to Fun?" Then he kept on rockin' in "Kill For Thrills", a "pop-metal cult" band who released one EP (Commercial Suicide on World of Hurt Records) and one full-length recording, "Dynamite From Nightmareland" on MCA Records.

In November 1991 he became Guns new rhythm-guitarist, since Izzy Stradlin' had left the band. During his 4-year long career in Guns N' Roses he did a huge world tour with the band and played guitar at their cover-album "The Spaghetti Incident!?", before he got fired in Nov. 1995. But did they really fire him? In August 1997, Gilby said something like this to "Chili" (a Swedish Magazine): "Axl phoned me one day and told me that he had written some new stuff that wasn't like the old material. So he thought that my way of playin' guitar wouldn't give these new songs the right sound, or the way he wanted it to sound. But I wouldn't say that they fired me, or that I quit. My job as a guitarist in Guns just "stopped".

In 1994, after GN'R got off their world-tour, Gilby jumped into the studio with a bunch of his friends, including most of the members of GN'R, and released his Virgin Records debut solo album, "PawnShop Guitars". Then he spent a year and a half on tour with the solo album, and during 1995 he also joined Slash's Snakepit on their world-tour.

The "PawnShop Guitar" record was followed up by his 2:nd solo album, "The Hangover", released in summer 1997.

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