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Name: Fredrik Eklund
Age: 32 (born 1968)
Where is home?:Kalmar , Sweden.

This is my life: Born in March 1968. As every child I started school when I was 7 years old. When I started the school I was living in a Neighbourhood called Norra Fäladen in. When I was 10 years old we moved to a new house in Norra Nöbblelöv, in Lund (1978). When I started the 4th grade I went to a new school called Hubertusgården. In the 6th grade it was time to move to another school called Lerbäcksskolan. When I was 16 years old I finished the 9th grade. After finishing the 9th grade next step is 'gymnasiet' (high school) and after two years I was finished with that too. After this I didn't really know what do. The next stop for me was 7 1/2-month camping trip (lumpen) with the Swedish army. This was at a time when nearly every man has to do it. Today it's the other way around. After that not so nice time in army, I started working at BTJ tryck AB. This was about the end of summer 1989. I finished working at the New Year of 1991/92, because I've decided to continue my studies at Lund University. The first subject was informatik (computers). The next subject studied was geography, now that was really my subject. Now I have nearly finished my studying at Lund University. Some of the last subjects that I studied were among other's geography, GIS and political sciences. Under the summer of '97 I will write my thesis in geography about gated communities. In the fall when I'm finished hopefully there is some work for me. I hope that it will be related to GIS.

After my GIS course at Lund University I have being develop my true passion - webdesign. I started with back in 1997 with this home page. I have now created and being a part of projects and help to do websites for different people and organisations. The different pages that I have made are Dialog 2000, Stall sks, St Thomas skolan, Institution of Infectious disease and Microbiology at Lund University and my own websites.

The end of last year I moved from Lund to Kalmar to live together with my girlfriend. It's a bit strange to leave a place that you have lived all your life and find out that how it is to live in Kalmar instead of Lund. Hopefully will find new friends here in Kalmar as time goes by.

Places that I been on (working or studying)

The place I did work in the beginning of the 90's is BTJ. The biggest university in Scandinavia is Lunds universitet.

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