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If want to find moore links and information about Cowboy junkies then check out UBL. Here I found most of my links to Cowboy junkies.

The best way keep up with all the new information about the band is visit CJ Fans site. Here you can also subscribe to a news letter about the band.

Other sites that are good are Cowboy Junkies or An unofficial home page for Cowboy junkies fans, another site is Cowboy Junkies site and finally the record company Cowboy Junkies site

A new Cowboy junkies site at:

Here you can find links to other Cowboy junkies sites

Don't forget to visit Stephane Giroux site about the band. Here you can find 'info on the new album, concert reviews and brand new pictures taken last week at their Canada Day concert in Montreal'.

There are also information about the band here:

Lyrics to the songs and  more lyrics

If you have some comments e-mail me:

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