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Whites off earth now
Released 1986

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Cowboy junkies first album is Whites off earth now!!. They recorded the album in a garage and released on their Latent label. After the success with their 2nd album The Trinity session it was re released now on a major label. The first album only includes one song Take me written by Michael & Margo Timmins. The rest of the songs on Whites off earth now!! are covers of old blues songs. When Cowboy junkies started out, they would get a groove, and Margo would adapt blues lyrics to what they were playing. While touring southern U.S. supporting Whites off earth now!!, they fell under the sway of country music.

Album cover
The Trinity session
Released 1988

Their 2nd album The Trinity session, reflected their new found orientation with covers of Jennings, Hank Williams and Patsy Cline. This album was their major breakthrough. On the album there are songs like Sweet Jane and Misguided angel. My favourite on the album is Blue moon revisited (only included on the CD version). The album was recorded with a single microphone at the Toronto's Church of the holy Trinity. It took 14 hours to record and only cost $250. The album includes only 5 covers and 7 original songs. The covers though are truly incorporated in the Cowboy junkies music style. I mean the songs sounds like if they would be written by them.

Album cover
The Caution horses
Released 1990

The third album was not as successful as The Trinity session (sold more than platinum). The Caution horses starts with the song Sun comes up, it's Tuesday morning. On this album Michael Timmins have written some of the best lyrics I heard.

Album cover
Black eyed man
Released 1992

Their fourth album Black eyed man Michael Timmins lyrics stayed at the same level as on The caution horses. With two songs of Townes Van Zandt (who has sadly died) with one of them special written for the Cowboy junkies Cowboy junkies lament.

Album cover
Pale sun
Crescent moon
Released 1993

Pale sun crescent moon would be their last album on RCA. Pale sun crescent moon was a departure from the previous material. On this album they heading towards more rock. But still you can feel that it's a Cowboy junkies album. On this album some very beautiful songs like Ring on the sill and Anniversary song.

Album cover
200 more miles live
1985 - 1994
Released 1995

When Cowboy junkies left RCA for Geffen, RCA decided as always record companies do, lets milk the cow as long it still got some milk left. They released both 200 more miles live performances 1985 - 1994 in1995 and Studio - selected studio recordings 1986 - 1995 in 1996. Of them 200 more miles… shows really how great Cowboy junkies are. On this double live CD over 20 songs recorded over a period of nine years. The first song on the CD is Blue moon revisited (a song for Elvis) (it's one of my favourite songs by CJ) after that one after one of the great songs appears.

Album cover
Lay it down
released 1996

Lay it down was Cowboy junkies first album on Geffen. The album is one of the best albums of 1996. With songs like A common disaster, Hold on to me and many more.

Album cover
Studio - selected
studio recordings
1986 - 1995
Released 1996

Studio is collection of Cowboy junkies best studio recordings over the years. Included on the CD is song that has not been released before (the studio version) Lost my driving wheel.

album cover
Miles from our home
Released 1998

Cowboy junkies 7th studio album 'Miles from our home' is from 1998. There is some great songs on this album like 'Hallow as a bone'. This album is as the rest of Cowboy junkies great

The new album by the band

Rarities, B-Sides
and Slow, Sad Waltzes
Released 1999

This album is the latest album that the band has released.

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