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'Til Tuesday had a big hit with the title song from their first album 'Voices carry' in 1985. The music on the album was compared with Simple minds at the time. On the two first albums the band included Aimee Mann, Michael Hausman, Robert Holmes and Joey Pesce. On the third album Michael Montes replaced Joey Pesce. Their second album 'Welcome home' from 1986 wasn't as successful as 'Voices carry', but I think that 'Welcome home' is much better than 'Voices carry'. From 'Welcome home' came the single 'What about love'. This song was that made me really like them. It's one of those songs that I always have place in my heart. The album 'Welcome home' is in my opinion one the best albums from the eighties. 'Til Tuesday last and third album 'Everything is different now' wasn't a let down compared with Welcome home it is as great album. The sad thing is that the first sold most but the songs on the second and third album are much better.

The solo career

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