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The new movie by Paul Thomas Anderson called Magnolia has nine songs done by Aimee Mann on the soundtrack. There are six new songs that are written by Aimee on the soundtrack, her song 'Momentum' that was on the 'That's just what you are' single from 1994. She has also made a cover of Harry Nelson's song 'One' on the soundtrack. If you want to read more about the movie check out the official site.

The text below is taken from the booklet to the soundtrack of Magnolia written by Paul Thomas Anderson

"I sat down to write an adaptation of Aimee Mann songs.

Like one would adapt a book for the screen. I had the concept of adapting Aimee's songs into a screenplay. All that follows in these liner notes should be prefaced with this notion: I was an Aimee Mann fan before I was an Aimee Mann friend. That said, I will proceed to shine her shoes.

In the late summer and early fall of 1997, I was listening to Aimee's music over and over and over again. This was not something new, this is something that I always did and continue to do. It just so happened that this was the time that I was starting to write my new film.

Now, having the benefit knowing Aimee I was allowed to hear her demos, acoustic experiments and basic work in progress material that she was working on for her upcoming record. So while she was working, I was working.

So here it is, the perfect memento to remember the movie or you can look at the movie as the perfect memento to remember the songs that Aimee has made"

Herre is a review of the soundtrack.

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