Aimee Mann

Aimee Mann

single coverAfter that 'Til Tuesday split Aimee Mann started to work on her solo album 'Whatever'. It took five years after the last album by 'Til Tuesday before it was released. If you wait for something good as 'Whatever' turned out to be it was not that long time. 'Whatever' has a quality that you don't find on that many albums today. Sometime ago I bought an album by Marti Jones and to my surprise she have made a cover of 'Put me on top' from the 'Whatever' album. This is the only cover of an Aimee song that I know of. Her second solo album 'I'm with stupid' was not up to the same class as 'Whatever'. Still the album is very good and has one of my favourite songs by Aimee on it (That's just what you are). The single with the same name was the last that she released on her previous record company Imago before they went out of business.

Aimee Mann had a track on the Shaken & stirred album (covers of James Bond themes).

Her new songs on the Magnolia soundtrack as I now just have got hold of she continues where 'I'm with stupid' stopped. It is too early to have any opinion about the songs (only got it about 24 hours when I write this).

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