Svenska Cykelförbundet - SCF

Swedish Cycling Federation

SCF is the Swedish national organization for competitive cycling and cycle touring. Some 240 bicycle clubs are direct members of the SCF. The Federation covers bicycle road racing, mountain bike and BMX. The SCF has a regional organization through some 20 District Associations. The SCF is affiliated to UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale), UEC (Union Européenne de Cyclisme) and NCF (Nordic Cycling Federation). Its office is near Arlanda airport 50 km north of Stockholm.

The President of SCF and its board of directors are elected by the Annual Meeting, in which the District Associations have the right to vote.

The SCF issues licences for riders in all classes of road, MTB and BMX. Nearly 4000 riders have a licence to race. BMX accounts for around 160 riders while road and mountain bike have nearly 2000 each. In addition to the Swedish, European and World Championships the Swedish riders compete in the Nordic Championships.

The SCF organizes every year the Tour of Sweden, a six-stage event with a mixed participation of amateur country teams and professional teams. In 1996 the Tour of Sweden, or Postgirot Open as it is called in Sweden will celebrate it's 15th anniversary.

The SCF also organizes Tjejtrampet the world's largest all women race with a distance of 100 km and some 8000 participants. The race is held in central Stockholm.

The racing season in Sweden is longer than you may think. Road and BMX is from middle of April through September, while mountain bike goes on through October. In order to be ready when the season starts in April a lot of Swedish riders are going south to the Mediterranean sun for early spring training.

President: Thomas Ronnestam
Secretary General: Björn Mattsson
Information: Roberto Vacchi 
Education: Bo Lövstrand   <>
Race Director, road: Hans "Hampe" Falk 
Race Director, MTB: Anders Östberg
Committee Chairmen:
Elite Racing: Björn Johansson 
MTB: Anders Karlsson   <> 
Road Racing: Göran Nihlén 
Master Racing: Lars Pettersson 
Cycle Touring: Tell Hermanson 
Youth: Tony Karlsson 
Education: Ulf Näslund  <> 

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